[amsat-bb] Re: OH2AUE P3E transponder demo video

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Thu Oct 18 09:12:28 PDT 2012

On 18/10/12 16:34, wa4hfn at comcast.net wrote:
> Well all this sounds great , BUT does Amsat have the money to put anything in space If so why has it not been done. As I said once before the cubsats that go beep beep have not helped me or anyone  get a single new grid.. Can anyone at Amsat  convince the schools or the rocket folks to let a ham satellite ride along with any launch?  Im am sure that there are alot of satellite users out there who careless about the beepers. Looking to the future   I would think that Amsats support may drop off some without something positive for the supporters to lock on to ( A DATE )

Gas, grass or ass - no-one rides for free.  If you want to fly a cubesat 
you'll need to scrape up the 30 grand or so yourself.  It's not *that* 
expensive, really.

>   I just don't understand the need for beepers Im sorry

I just don't understand the need for "hard sats" that require 
computer-controlled rotators and tuning to work.  If I want to sit in 
front of the computer and talk to someone half a planet away, I use Skype.

You know what, I'm just about done with this list.  No-one seems to be 
keen to discuss anything other than their pipe dream of a HEO sat the 
size of a Transit van with SSB from 80m to 24GHz and no real idea of how 
to fund it, or alternatively how to install the right driver in Windows 
to stop their rotator controller showing up as a USB-programmable 
personal massage device.

Can we *please* have some practical discussion of how we can move things 
forward?  We're going to need money, we're going to need satellites, and 
we're going to need someone to bring the two together at just the right 
moment to get them on a flight.  It can't possibly be *that* hard.

Gordon JC Pearce MM0YEQ

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