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> What I am referring to is linear transponders.  They're heavy and
> consume a lot of power.  We need to either devise a new way of doing
> that, that doesn't involve heavy inefficient linear amplifiers, or stick
> to something like FM or GMSK where a little lightweight PA that doesn't
> dissipate most of the input power as heat will do the job.
> It depends what you're trying to achieve.  I'll respond to Domenico's
> comments here, too.
> Gordon JC Pearce MM0YEQ
Hi Gordon, MM0YEQ

Linear transponder can be built not heavy not to consume a lot
of power and not too costly.

Read please the following advise of William PE1RAH to my friend
Roberto IW5BSF for a linear transponder designed for Ham radio
frequencies to be integrated in CubeSat projects, balloon missions
or terresterial repeaters.


Dear Roberto,

The transponder I sell as a complete (pre-made) package in which the
programmer and software all is included.

It is made of very small SMD parts, 0402 size, that can only be soldered
with profesional reflow oven (which I use).

The whole package includes:

Transponder on profesionally milled evaluation board (fully tested) ,
power supply, programmer included all cables, example source code,
and manuals.

The transponder will be delivered with a testing report.

I can deliver it for the price of 1800 Euro (excluded shipping cost).

The transponder will be operational in a matter of minutes (the time to
connect antenna cables and power supply).
Manufacturing time is about 2 weeks, because of testing time to guarenty
the quality.

Datasheet and information you can find on my website:


Thank you for your interrest and kind regards,

William Leijenaar, PE1RAH
Leijenaar Electronics
Bergmanshofweg 2
5926 RH Venlo
The Netherlands

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