[amsat-bb] shoe box sats

Nick Pugh quadpugh at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 18 03:55:21 PDT 2012

>Hi Gus, 8P6SM


>I agree with you !


>Unfortunately there is now a huge trend to build more and more of these
shoe boxes (CubSat) to fly around earth.

>I would not call them satellites,


As a member of a cubesat team let me put in my $.02 

1.       At the University of Louisiana help the transition   of students to

2.       We fulfill the mandate of the FCC by training the next generation
of engineers

3.       We license about 10 students every year and expose ham radio to 20
more students

4.       When these students go through the program they can build something
and learn by doing

In closing I believe the amateur community is well served by the shoe box
designers. If we want amateur payloads we should do

1.       Have off the shelf radios in their form factor that are very cheap

2.       Be ready to mentors most school lack radio resources

3.       Team up with schools that are developing propulsion systems ( our
ride to HEO)




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