[amsat-bb] Re: OH2AUE P3E transponder demo video

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 17 20:43:41 PDT 2012

Wow, a narrow self centric view of the world:

> a huge trend to build more and more of these shoe boxes..
> ... most of them are almost useless...
> What kind of science is it,...
> The wheels are re-invented again and again...
> For us AMSAT'ers.. this is something we did almost 30 years ago!!!!
> This is history and nothing like science anymore...

Please do not speak for me.  Obviously the writer above has no clue what
education is all about.

Guess what! Every single year, the teacher has to start EXACTLY back at
square ZERO.

That is what EDUCATION is all about.  Teaching each new year of students
the same thing over and over and over.  Its not fun... but it is

Now I do not defend all repeats of stupid ideas and other mistakes, but
education is a repeating process every year by definition.

Now, if you want a different satellite built , THEN BUILD IT.  It does no
credit to lambast at least those that are DOING SOMETHING... even if it is
not what you want, then either build what you want, and launch it, or get
out of the way....

I have not been following this thread at all.  So if my comments are
inappropriate, I apologize.  But some people  have no clue what it takes
to educate a completely new class starting over every year.


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