[amsat-bb] CO6CBF to Symposium - update (16 October)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Oct 16 13:29:46 PDT 2012


Since I first posted about Hector CO6CBF coming to the AMSAT 
Symposium in Orlando next week, I have received lots of e-mails
showing appreciation for this effort.  Thanks to everyone for 
their support!  I wanted to mention that I have already received
some checks at my mailbox today, in response to the request I
made for donations to help with the expenses related to Hector's
trip.  I won't list names and calls, but here is what arrived 
so far:

$200 check from Texas
$ 25 check from Arkansas
$ 20 check from Alabama

Along with a $50 check I received from Tennessee some time ago
before I went public with this effort on the -BB, this means I have
already received $295 toward Hector's trip.  Since I have not had
time to scribble a web page related to this, I will post updates
here on the -BB and my Twitter feed updates related to Hector's trip.  
I do not intend on making public a list of names and calls of those 
who have contributed, as a few have asked for anonymity - which I 
will respect.  All contributions are appreciated, no matter how big 
or small.  

A couple of hams have asked me if I would accept contributions in 
person at the Symposium next week.  This would be OK with me.  In
person, cash would also be acceptable.  You could send me cash 
through the mail, but all standard disclaimers regarding cash sent
through the mail apply.  

Hector sent an e-mail out this morning to me and a few others.  He
is back in his home city Cienfuegos, after a quick trip to Havana
so he could pick up his passport with its newly-issued US visa at
the US "embassy" (formally called the US Interests Section, which 
operates as a branch of the Swiss embassy in Havana due to the lack
of diplomatic relations between the USA and Cuba) yesterday morning.  
Hector delivered his passport to a Cuban immigration office in 
Cienfuegos today, so his Cuban travel permit can also be put into 
his passport.  He should be able to pick that up tomorrow, and then he 
has all the government-issued documentation needed to make the trip - 
and I can purchase his air ticket for the flights between Havana and

That's all for now.  Things are falling into place, with not much
time remaining until the Symposium.  For those not able to make it
to Orlando, I'm sure there will be photos and videos posted from 
the Symposium featuring Hector.  More on that later. 


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 

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