[amsat-bb] 29.351 Mhz odd signal

CT2IWW Paulo Teixeira ct2iww at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 05:50:39 PDT 2012

Dear friends,

I've been monitoring for the past two weeks a chirping sound on 29.351 Mhz
that has me baffled. Since I believe it is inside the sat sub-band, I
wonder if there is an old bird that's still up in the air that sends some
kind of telemetry signal around this frequency.

The signal in question consists series of chirps or beeps, even spaced and
at about a rate of two per second. It drifts very slowly at times and the
chirps become longer as it moves down the range. It usually starts around
29352.5 and ends near 29350. 0. However there are times when the signal is
steady and doesn't move. As I write this, the signal just disappeared
around 12:32 UTC at my location, at grid IN51.

The only sat that would be the likely suspect could be RS-15 but I've had
times that I could hear the signal when i'snt up in my sky. I've checked
the AMSAT frequency charts and RS-15 has a CW Beacon downlink on 29.3525Mhz
listed as "semi-operational". This frequency range is also within SEDsat's
OSCAR-33 transponder downlink but is listed as non-operational.

I've made a small movie a few days ago, that is published on youtube, here:

I would appreciate any comments or insights the list might have on this

73 de CT2IWW, Paulo

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