[amsat-bb] Re: 2m 70cm antenna like WHS32N

PE0SAT | Amateur Radio pe0sat at vgnet.nl
Sat Oct 13 03:21:37 PDT 2012

Hi Andy,

As fa as I know only M2 sells antennas that are similar to the Maspro
WHS32N. For example the 2MCP14 for 2 meter and the 436CP30 for 70cm.

You also have to buy an extra device for RHCP and LHCP switching.
PS-2M for 2 meter and a PS-70CM for 70 cm.

M2: www.m2inc.com

73 Jan PE0SAT

On 12-10-2012 21:25, Andy Brian wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for similar satellite antennas for 2m and 70cm like 
> WHS32N, where you can switch between LHCP and RHCP.
> Please for any advice where to buy similar new antennas?
> thanks for answer
> Regards Andy

With regards PE0SAT
Internet web-page http://www.pe0sat.vgnet.nl/

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