[amsat-bb] Additional PACIFICON events of special interest!

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 09:59:40 PDT 2012

Hello again AMSAT-BB and AMSAT-EDU,

As mentioned in the recent AMSAT-ANS and a few previous messages, this
weekend (12-14 October) will be the 2012 PACIFICON at Santa Clara, CA.
 AMSAT members and officers will be participating in various venues.
Here are further highlights:

1.  An ARISS Contact with the ISS via telebridge to Italy will be held
on 13 OCT at 11:57am Pacific time, thanks to Joe Spier, K6WAO
(Associate Director of Education for AMSAT).  Youth attending the
event will be asking questions to Aki Hoshide aboard the ISS.

    NASA astronaut Dr. Lee Morin, KF5DBB, will be present as well,
thanks to ARRL!   See

   ARRIS guru Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO will also be in attendance

The audio from this ARISS contact will be fed into  EchoLink *AMSAT*
(101377) and *JK1ZRW* (277208) servers

IRLP Node 9010 Discovery Reflector Streaming Audio at

Audio on Echolink & web stream is generally transmitted around 20 minutes
prior to the contact taking place so that you can hear some of the
preparation that occurs. IRLP will begin just prior to the ground station
call to the ISS.

Please note that on Echolink there are automatic breaks of 1.5 seconds in
the audio transmission. These occur every 2.5 minutes during the event.
Breaks on IRLP are manual and occur approximately after every third

** Contact times are approximate. If the ISS executes a reboost or other
manoeuvre, the AOS (Acquisition Of Signal) time may alter by a few minutes
** (Special thanks to John - AG9D for providing the audio feeds!)

2.. An AMSAT Table will be present, thanks to Alan Bowker, WA6DNR

3.  Several Youth lounge activities will take place:
      Fox-1 Cubesat paper models with EMike McCardel, KC8YLD
      Cubesat simulator demonstration with Dale Hunzeker, KJ6VUC

4.  AMSAT Forums on Saturday with talks by:
     AMSAT President Barry Baines, WD4ASW
     AMSAT VP for Education Mark Hammond, N8MH
     AMSAT Assoc. Director for Education, Joe Spier, K6WAO
     NASA astronaut Dr. Lee Morin, KF5DBB

Hope we see some of you there.  And don't forget the on the air satellite demos!


Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]

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