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> I can recall (many years ago) during a perigee pass of AO-13 over SA, I 
> could clearly hear SA stations working terrestrial UHF FM, mobile, with 
> the satellite on the omni antennas.  Perhaps I should have sent out QSL 
> cards with SWL reports, just to encourage those operators to consider 
> the possibility of raising their eyes above the horizon.....
> -- 
> 73, de Gus 8P6SM
> The Easternmost Isle

Hi Gus, 8P6SM and all

I remember in 1961 I was listening a night for OSCAR-7 mode A
in 10 meters between 29.400 to 29.500 MHz when I got a very
strong signal in SSB from a station in North Italy talking in italian
in a familiar like local QSO with a station in Asuncion Paraguay
South America.

Since the ionosferic propagation do not permitted to a signal in 
North Italy to be received so strong by me in South Italy in 10 meters
at that time I realized that the North italian station was transmitting
terrestrial in 15 meters uplinking RS-13 between 21.260 to 21.300
MHz and that it was translated by RS-13 operating in mode K with
downlink in 10 meters.

As soon the North italian station stopped to transmit in order to
listen for the station in Paraguay I was able to get the signal from
the guy in  Asuncion very week and with strong QSB because 
his signal transmitted in 21 MHz was received via ionospheric
propagation  by RS-13 over Europe and than translated in 10 meters.

A look at InstantTrack confirmed that RS-13 was overhead to me 
at that time 

Nice to remember those funny days !

73" de i8CVS Domenico

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