[amsat-bb] CubeSats TLE

Jean-Pierre Godet godetj at wanadoo.fr
Tue Oct 9 02:13:59 PDT 2012

   Hello dear CubeSats listener !

   The TLE of the five CubeSats recently launched from ISS are now 
available with the NORAD registration numbers 1998-067-CN, CP, CQ, CR, CS.
   1998 ? Yes as NORAD considers they are parts of the ISS, the first 
module of which, Zarya, was launched on November 20th 1998 and got the 
NORAD registration number 1998-067-A.

   Yesterday evening (evening in Western Europe, around 2130 UTC), I 
noticed that FITSAT-1 was already about 4 mn before the ISS predictions as 
this one modified altitude (higher). With a max. elevation angle of 83 deg., we 
received the 437.250 MHz beacon loud and clear.

   Have a good day my friends !


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