[amsat-bb] AO7-A

Mon Oct 8 05:17:38 PDT 2012

Hello Fellow satellite users;

Is anyone operating AO7-a? A few of us "diehard" satellite users are 
working AO7-A, the satellite is generally pretty empty, normally I am 
just listening to my own signal on the down-link.

Mode A works just as well as Mode B does, you can use your HF beam as a 
receiving antenna if need be to copy the down-link. From EM55aj I have 
worked 2E1EUB in the U.K., I have worked Hector, CO6CBF, in Cuba and I 
have worked HK3MKE in Columbia, the satellite works fine there are just 
not many stations there.

If anyone wants to give AO7-A a try drop me an email, I am retired and 
have the time to operate and I don't mind the early morning or late in 
the evening passes, I have a SKYPE account that I can be reached on as 
well: K4FEG_EM55.

We are running out of options here on the satellites and I am not an SWL 
so I don't plan on sitting around just waiting for a satellite miracle, 
If it's up there and it will receive my transmissions, I am going to try 
and operate that satellite!

Remember: Just work them "birds" until the antennas burn off during 

That's my story and I am sticking to it!


Frank; K4FEG EM55aj

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