[amsat-bb] WE WISH frequency

Simon Pack simon at pack.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 4 18:04:12 PDT 2012

Hi All,

Here in the UK, I had a reasonable pass (43 deg elevation) at 23:08UTC on 
4th October.
I did not hear 'WE WISH' at the expected frequency of 437.505kHz +/- 
However, I did detect a satellite transmitting on 437.515kHz +/- doppler.
This satellites doppler curve accurately followed the ISS, (but was 15s 
ahead of the ISS).
The signal was very weak, but I think I heard some SSTV in the modulation.

The exact same happened 1 orbit later at 0:45UTC on 5th October (although 
this time about 18s ahead of the ISS).

Is this 'WE WISH'. If so, is it transmitting 10kHz high ?

Simon (G7WIQ) 

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