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I'm not sure you'll consider this to be help, but this intended to be helpful...

I'm also preparing for an ISS contact in four weeks.  Our ARISS mentor *strongly* advises against using computer control of the radio.  (Computer control of the primary station's Az/El is encouraged.  The backup station uses omnidirectional antennas in case the primary station's computer crashes or the Keps are bad, etc.)

Instead, he recommends programming three groups of seven channels (21 channels total) on both the primary and backup radios.  One group of 7 channels is for the "primary private" frequency with Doppler shifts (+3 kHz, +2, +1, no shift, -1, -2, and -3 kHz).  The second group is for the "backup" frequency pair.  The third group is for the standard public 2M frequencies.

The idea is to minimize the number of things that can fail.  And to make it very easy to switch frequency pairs if you don't make immediate contact on the primary pair.

I view my ARISS contact as very similar to Field Day, except that I only have one chance at the contact with 600 students in the audience watching my every move, along with members of the media (newspaper, radio, and TV) recording it for posterity and publication.  

What could go wrong?  ;-)

73, Steve  N9IP

P.S.  A Microsoft update two weeks ago completely destroyed my XP laptop that I used to run SatPC32.  It still won't boot.  Note to self:  Turn off automatic updates a couple of weeks before the ARISS contact.
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I'm helping a Florida group prepare for an ISS school contact. One of their needs is to run SatPC32/SatPC32ISS with an Icom 9100. I tried to run SatPC32ISS this evening on my Win XP machine that I regularly control my
9100 and 847 with, using SatPC32. I never had a need to run the SatPS32ISS program and I'm having a problem. I click on the program to start and it tries to start by displaying an icon on the taskbar, the icon disappears after a few seconds. Nothing shows up on the screen, no errors. Nothing.
Does anyone have a clue? I'm only at home a few days a week to try and test this to get it SatPC32ISS working with a 9100 for the group doing the contact. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...

73 Jeff kb2m

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