[amsat-bb] SatPC32 & Flex5000A

Richard Lawn rjlawn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 20:07:04 PDT 2012

Ive started experimenting with converters and/or transverters on my
Flex5KA, using it as my receiver and an FT-847 as the uplink. I use SatPC32
to control both radios. I've got the Flex setup as rdaio 1 using the
Kenwood TS-2000 configuration and radio 2 is set to the FT-847. It seemed
to work for a short time.  but I made some changes to the CAT Delay and the
status of the RTS +12 check box and now things are getting strange. When I
start SatPC32 the Flex is suddenly set to 65 mhz. Anyone have any
suggestions particularly about the CAT Delay setting and RTS +12 status?

73 de W2JAZ

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