[amsat-bb] Re: G5400B Rotor Problem

John Wright ham at g4dmf.co.uk
Thu Nov 29 08:40:32 PST 2012

At 21:00 28/11/2012, you wrote:
>Got some unexpected time today to look at the rotor. First I set the 
>output at pin 6 of the external control output jack to 5.0 V. Then I 
>got readings every 45 deg from 180 at the left to 180 on the right. 
>The readings are of course subject to parallax in reading the 
>needle. Readings from 180 on the left to 180 on the right were 
>0.024, 0.606, 1.270, 1.864, 2.489, 3.074, 3.690, 4.350, and 5.000 V.

Draw a graph of AZ vs Voltage... It should be a straight line, if 
not, the pot is not linear!

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