[amsat-bb] Re: Who is using a IC-910 with Maspro Antennas?

GW1FKY at aol.com GW1FKY at aol.com
Wed Nov 21 11:23:42 PST 2012

Hi Jan,
Sorry to learn of your problems and appears really annoying  especially as 
you have carried out an equipment change.
Not trying to teach you as you are an expert with lots of experience in  
operating amateur radio on many bands and modes. But please consider  the 
It is hardly the best time with the weather in this part of the world for  
outdoor work - assuming that it is similar at your location.
Presume that you have "separate" antennas for each band - I wonder if  
perhaps terminating with a dummy load at the antenna end shows the  same effect. 
 Also of  course you could carry out the same check  at the equipment end  
( I am referring to the UHF feeds of course in  both cases ) and even move 
the dummy load around the equipment area.
It may not be a pointer but it may also perhaps show if it is due to  your 
new equipment, feeder or antenna.
Wish you luck and I am sure that you will get many suggestions and  
pointers about the concern.
Ken Eaton

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