[amsat-bb] AO-7 Operation

Randy Morden rmorden at wispernet.ca
Wed Nov 14 21:10:50 PST 2012

Hello All,

I heard something interesting earlier today while monitoring an AO-7 pass above my QTH at around 23:30Z.  The mode B (U/V) transponder basically went dead, and I heard a very odd buzzing sound in about the centre of the passband, with no activity anywhere else in the passband.  Not a typical FMing sound, but something more akin to auroral buzzing, like on 6 metres.  We have had some great visible auroral shows at my latitude lately (57 degrees north), and I wonder if the solar wind causing the aurora may have had an effect on old AO-7.  Did anyone else hear this?  Any thoughts on what was happening?  I see from the live Oscar update web page that Russian Hams reported normal mode B operation subsequent to my observations.

As an aside, after repair of an intermittent in the UHF finals of my ICOM 820H and replacement of the N connector, I am fully QRV again on the birds, and look forward to giving out grid DO16 when able.

73 to all, 

Randy, VE6RGU

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