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Art McBride kc6uqh at cox.net
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The LNB units are used on the C Band Satellite TV Receiving Dishes ( the
ones that are 8 to 15 ' in diameter). The DRO is a ceramic piece glued to
the PCB with a metal case around it and a adjustment screw. Some are fixed
in a metal can. The Mixer is used for 3.7 to 4.2 GHz Y may be able move it
up to 5.8 GHz. The LNA may be able to go there as well. The ARRL and THE
RSGB have several books on making things in this band. A lot of surplus
equipment at sites is being changed out for new, and you might find
something that can be tuned down in frequency from the 6 GHz band.
Mini-circuits has several Low Noise amplifiers and mixers that can be used.
Suggest you check out their web site. Try to fine some Amateur Radio
Microwave Activity in your area. Most of us will spend time helping others
to "get on the air" 

Good Luck,
Good luck with the project
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How do I recognize the Dielectric Resonance Oscillator? Where might I
get one of these units? Where, how and with what do I plumb the rf
Suggestion on parts re the lna ic and I assume a mixer ic?
Wonder about the limit of dead bug construction at  GHz? What methods
might one use? I assume microstripline transmission lines..
No trips to AES, HRO or Skycraft here..
73 de Norm n3ykf

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 12:46 AM, Art McBride <kc6uqh at cox.net> wrote:
> Norm,
> You could start with the 5.1 GHz DRO in an old C Band LNB for the LO. Add
> LNA IC, and Mixer. Use the IF section in the C Band LNB to cover cable
> Art,
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> Hi all!
> What schemes are available for someone who only has a funcube dongle?
> It tops out at 1700 MHz. I am thinking hetrodyining using a brick and
> a double balanced mixer. Block down converter is another option.
> Any other options on the cheep side?
> Norm n3ykf
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