[amsat-bb] MAREA a School Activity You Can Do

Mark Spencer wa8sme at comcast.net
Tue Nov 13 12:33:59 PST 2012

Dinner conversation the other evening. 


Dad:   "Suzie, what did you do in school today?"  


"Science class was pretty cool today.  We have been teaching our robot,
Robbie, to move through a maze.last week my group was the first to make it
through the maze without hitting the sides.  So today, Ms. Smith allowed us
to send the commands we made up to move Robbie through the maze up to the
International Space Station and back down to Robbie.  We used ham radio to
do it.  I got to push the computer key that actually send the commands!
There was some raspy sounds from the radio speaker, a delay, like a hundred
hours.well it seemed like a long time. and then Robbie started to go through
the maze!"


"Wow, that's pretty amazing."


"Yes it is.  We listen for radio signals from the ISS all the time, but this
is the first time that we ever sent our own radio signal to the ISS from the
radio in our classroom.  And I know that our radio waves were heard in space
because the signals came right back down to Robbie and we watched him move
through the maze.just like Mission Control does to make Curiosity move on


Dad:  "Well I didn't know you were an astronaut."


"Ah Dad, not yet, but I will be some day."  ".I'm sure you will Suzie."


Interested how you can help your school do this?  Ask me, mspencer at arrl.org.



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