[amsat-bb] Re: 5.8GHz transmission from NIWAKA

Mike Seguin N1JEZ n1jez at burlingtontelecom.net
Fri Nov 9 04:16:07 PST 2012

Hi Takushi,

I loaded the latest keps today and the pass times are confirmed. Looking 
forward to hearing NIWAKA!

I will be recording the pass using a FunCube Dongle in I & Q RF mode, so 
I'll have ~ 80 kHz of bandwidth. If I'm able to detect the signal on 10 Nov, 
I can try an RTL SDR receiver on 11 Nov that can receive a much wider 
bandwidth. I use HDSDR with both SDR receivers.

I will be setting up portable in a nearby parking lot so I have an 
unobstructed view to the satellite. I see the Doppler will be quite large on 
both days (~ 125 kHz). I use the original NOVA program on my laptop in the 
field which calculates Doppler for me.

Let's hope for success and thanks for coordinating this test.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT 29649
"A closed mouth gathers no feet"

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From: <tanaka at fit.ac.jp>
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] 5.8GHz transmission from NIWAKA

> Dear Mike,
> We found the south paths with enough elevation in your suggestions.
> We plan the following times which start 5.8GHz transmission.
> The signal continues around 2 min.
> (1) at 12:24:30 on 10th Nov. (UTC)
> (2) at 11:32:30 on 11th Nov. (UTC)
> According to our calculating orbit software,
> the time is little bit delayed.
> Please confirm with the latest TLE.
> Thank you.
> 73
> Takushi, JA6AVG

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