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I am sorry you feel that way as well.  Lets consider the facts.  

First, the Obama doll was launched on a helium balloon.  We could do that in
a few days, if all you want is a repeater that covers a few states for a few
ours.  The engineering for a CubeSat which will provide reliable
communications in a hostile radiation environment for years is somewhat more
challenging, time consuming, and far more expensive.  :)  

Second, getting a launch we can afford, in a useful orbit, is not a simple
or quick task.  Many relatively readily available orbits are equatorial with
poor coverage and short lifetimes.  It makes little sense to waste our time
and resources there.  The kind of orbits we need are not rare, but much less
frequently available.  

Finally, there are many paths to space, and not all of them are open to
AMSAT unless we partner with someone who has access.  (ITAR restrictions
significantly limit us as well.)  Typically, it takes 18-24 months from
approval to launch.  AMSAT is on schedule for a launch in 9-12 months, and
is working to keep the pipeline open on a more frequent basis thereafter.
For those with deep pockets such as Three Letter Agencies, quick response is

Can AMSAT do better?  Sure.  In retrospect, we can think of things we could
have done earlier, but then that is true of just about any undertaking of

Hope this clarifies some issues.



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OK this really gets me. Go to space weather.com
A dummy obama can get a free ride into space and tons of cube sats can get
into space,but Amsat has to wait another year and half. All the cub sats are
doing is gathering comm data and they will later ask the FCC and the gov. to
sell them the 70 cm band for there LEO's  Remember a few years ago the ARRL
had an artical about hams losing this band to companies that wanted it for
LEO bussiness communications, the same way we lost part of the 220 band
 This is not the way people. A dummy obama in space  come on.  AMSAT you
have to do better  Im sorry but this is how I see it
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