[amsat-bb] Phelps Dodge Cavity Resonator 406-512 MHz for mode J. Also request for info.

Bill Bordy, NJ1H nj1h at comcast.net
Mon Nov 5 20:04:52 PST 2012

I am now on mode J with a transverter and my Flex-5000A. I picked up a 
Downeast 144-28 transverter at the local hamfest, and experienced 
overload on the 435 MHz downlink when transmitting on 2M. I had seen 
this before with my FT-736R

At a previous hamfest, I saw a Phelps Dodge Cavity Resonator marked 
406-512 MHz and bought it for $1 thinking that it may resolve the 
overload problem. Well, I finally tried it in path for the 435 MHz .

Wow, great fix. I have it in front of my 435 MHz preamp and now have no 
movement of noise floor when transmitting on the 2M uplink.

It also has CAT NO 495-509 marked on it. Not sure about the second 5, 
could be a 3 since number is worn badly.

I did a WEB search and didn't find any technical information specific to 
this model. If anyone has information, would you supply me with a link 
or info?

If you can find one of these, don't pass it up. A single tuning 
adjustment on top. I peaked it during a FO-29 pass. I then discovered a 
local 435 MHz noise source, I think a cable distribution box, than I 
could peak on also. Fortunately it is only in one direction and beam has 
to be right on to see.

There may be other cavity resonators that would work.


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