[amsat-bb] Party Balloon

Kevin Deane summit496 at live.com
Thu Mar 29 23:12:38 PDT 2012

I do not post much on here anymore, mostly because I have not found much that has any interest to me. (and mostly I am starting to mature a little bit) However, the Balloon thing has always caught my eye. I have tracked many that I happened upon off this BB and or word of mouth.
I found some pretty killer weather balloons for pretty cheap. Also looked into the parachute's and deployment so as not to kill somebody's loved one... Then looked into the helium, tank rental, plus payload equipment and found that this is most likeley a one way trip...I mean really, this kind of fun can get pretty spendy...
My point being that some of these clubs and or people dump quite alot of funds into a one way trip that might or might not even cross the state...or may or may not even be recovered, depending on the budget of course...
I PROPOSED to the local club to TETHER such a money pit. See how far we could reel out some nice tuna line and test this baby over a couple few flights with what may have you gadgets on there and bring the babe back in, adjust, modify and or replace what may or may not have failed...
Anyone have any thoughts??? I do know about part bla bla bla 97, 6,2 3 345667 kill me mow mow kitty... 200ft tether what a joke.
Has anyone ever launched a candle balloon at a wedding with a wish in it?
May we not test stuff that we build and deploy them without rules and suspicion???
Is this Not America, Land of The Free???
Would love any REAL opinion's on this subject, from people that DO THINGS not talk about them....



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