[amsat-bb] Re: North Korean Polar weather satellite

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Wed Mar 28 11:37:03 PDT 2012

Wanna bet that something happens to the "satellite" and it never reaches orbit 
or becomes functional, or that there is some "failure" during the flight (after 
they've proven their long-range missile) that requires self-destruct?

George, KA3HSW

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> All
> I remember those days as an SWL when KCNA messages (amongst others)  flowed 
>across the monitor screen in green letters... if you have nostalgia for  those 
>days and are also interested in the planned polar orbiter then I've just  
>prdcuced these extracts from the KCNA news flow. 
> They suggest that  there will be a launch of a polar-orbiter weather satellite 
>around April 15th  and that they have notified the relevant authorities about 
>it. Would someone  like to do a FOIA request for a copy of their notification?
> If there is a  bird and she is a polar orbiter transmitting data maybe it'll be 
>in APT format,  although I think the recent Russian launches are in a format 
>incomprehensible to  anyone else, so would not guarantee it.
> Press propaganda  follows:

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