[amsat-bb] KLM CS-2 strip line design

Darryl Ponder darrylponder at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 25 21:17:34 PDT 2012

I am refurbishing an old KLM 435-18C that has a KLM CS-2 polarization switcher on it.

I need help in understanding the design of the 37 ohm impedance strip line transformer that is inside the CS-2.  By my calculations the transformer line length is half as long as it should be (1/8 wavelength and not 1/4 wavelength).  However, it is folded, and I suspect the answer is in the folding.

If anyone on the board is familiar with strip line design and would be willing to trade a few emails (outside the reflector) on the subject I would really appreciate it. I have been unable to track down what I need after many Google and Bing searches, so appeal to a much better source - this group.


Darryl Ponder

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