[amsat-bb] KH6 operation from BK29nn last day

Adrian Engele aa5uk at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 25 12:25:54 PDT 2012

Greeting fellow operators,

Thanks to the many operators I have worked over the past few days under horrible weather and operating conditions.  We have had nothing but torrential rains and high winds in Hilo for the past few days. We even had a 4.9 Mag. earthquake North of us 24 hours ago which we felt locally.

I am posting to the general group my last passes for today in case someone wants to try to work me who was not on my request list.  Please note I am having trouble with AO-7 down-link, it is very weak here so please don't assume it will be easy to work me on that satellite. Also do not CQ for me, I will be CQ'ing as the DX station. USE LOW POWER ON AO-7!!   Be patient and await your turn assuming I can hear you. Better bet are the two FO-29 passes I plan to be on today.   

Sat         UTC                    AOS        LOS       Orbit       
SO-50    SUN 3/25/2012     20:28:44   20:39:3   49765       
FO-29    SUN 3/25/2012     22:40:5     22:58:05 77064       
AO-27    SUN 3/25/2012     22:47:35   23:00:47 96453       
AO-7      MON 3/26/2012     1:38:23     1:54:58  70960       
AO-7      MON 3/26/2012     3:27:38     3:49:48  70964       
FO-29    MON 3/26/2012      8:43:58    8:53:11  77071

Monday we are heading to Kailua-Kona. I still need to do a sight survey to see what is possible since there are two volcanoes in the way.
I will also operate more ad-hoc since I would be operating in the field and all operations from BK29ao are dependent on the weather. I will mostly likely operate closer towards the middle of the week if possible. 

I will be heading up to BK19 on one day to do a sight survey to get a feel to see if this grid is even possible to operate from. Maybe with some high angle passes. I will advise.

I am also looking at the JA opportunities for this coming week. It may mean an early (02:00AM local time pass) I will advise.

Aloha Adrian AA5UK/KH6

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