[amsat-bb] Center of the transponder

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Fri Mar 16 17:48:45 PDT 2012

Fellow satellite operators,

There is nothing particularly magical about the center of the transponder on VO-52 or FO-29. In fact, on FO-29 it is the poorest sounding place in the entire passband. Just because SatPC32 puts you there with the default Doppler.SQF configuration, does not mean every single QSO should take place there. Spread out a little, listen to what is going on, and we'll all make more, and happier, QSOs.

I might also add that if a rare station pops up, or makes a habit of operating in one spot, it might be beneficial to call CQ the entire pass somewhere other than the middle of the pile.

Even with the previous observations, it is nice to hear many new calls on the transponders. Just remember this isn't AO-51 or AO-27...spin the VFO a bit. I'm looking forward to Funcube and the other new transponders this September.

73, Drew KO4MA

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