[amsat-bb] ISS packet BBS gripe

Clayton Coleman W5PFG kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 14:18:02 PST 2012

It would be nice if people would refrain from connecting to the ISS packet
mailbox when others are engaged in unproto-mode conversations (making
contact between 2 or more live people.)  It's especially annoying on
weekends during the day.

It's apparent that the people who connect to the RS0ISS-11 during a busy
pass do not realize how #1 they clog up the channel with retries and #2
they clog up the channel with retries or how they clog up the channel with

Obviously if you are on a pass in the middle of the night and can't find a
live person through the endless unattended beacons, connecting to the
packet BBS isn't as big a deal.

OK, I'm done griping.  I sure love making contacts via ISS!  It's a fun and
underrated resource we are truly blessed to have at our disposal.



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