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Bruce Robertson ve9qrp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 08:10:29 PST 2012

I think all of this discussion should be taken by ISRO and AMSAT-India
as an indication of how much we have appreciated using VO-52 in the
past years and therefore how its loss, for however short a time, has
been unsettling. I was just about to test a new rotatable antenna
against the familiar VO-52 beacon when the news came. When it returns,
I will be doubly thankful for this global resource provided by the
hams and government of India.

73, Bruce

On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 9:37 AM, i8cvs <domenico.i8cvs at tin.it> wrote:
> Hi Many , VU2WMY
> Great job from ISRO and AMSAT-India ! We hope to have again VO52
> active in the next few days because it was the best satellite available with
> a linear transponder to be used "only on CW and SSB"
> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: HAMSAT VO-52 Status
> Great news!!!
> Thank you Mani and Government of India/ISRO for your nice job
> I hope to listen the VO-52 beacon and transponder (mainly my dear friend
> i8CVS) as soon as possible...
> '73 de iz8jhd . Eugenio
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> Inviato: Martedì 6 Marzo 2012 8:52
> Oggetto: [amsat-bb] HAMSAT VO-52 Status
> Hello All,
> Looking at the discussions and the concerns expressed about VO-52,all
> that I can share at this moment is 'HAMSAT VO-52' is in 'Excellent
> Health' after recovery operations. Right now, it is under observation.
> However, decision about switching 'ON' the transponder is pending
> clearance. Decision expected in other couple of days.
> The user community will be informed well in advance about the
> transponder switching.
> Note:
> 'HAMSAT VO-52' is the property owned, operated and maintained by the
> Government of India/ISRO. Hence, unlike other amateur radio satellites
> owned, operated and maintained by non-governmental agencies, detailed
> information cannot be shared with anyone in accordance with the
> prevailing governmental regulations.
> Hope this bit of information would remove the doubts and concerns
> about the HAMSAT VO-52 status and this is shared with you all with
> the concurrence of 'HAMSAT VO-52' Operations Director, Mr. T.
> Parimalarangan.
> with regards,
> Mani, VU2WMY
> Secretary & Station-In-Charge
> Upagrah Amateur Radio Club VU2URC
> ISRO Satellite Centre
> HAL Airport Road, Bangalore-560 017.
> Phone:(O)91-80-25082054/2598/2192
> Mobile: 91-80-98803 41456
> E-mail ID: wmy at isac.gov.in
> vu2wmy_mani at yahoo.com
> isrohams at yahoo.com
> Quoting Stefan Wagener <wageners at gmail.com>:
>> Maybe yes, maybe no.
>> He did it because he wanted to, NOT because we demanded it!
>> Stefan, VE4NSA
>> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 7:43 PM, i8cvs <domenico.i8cvs at tin.it> wrote:
>>> Hi Stefan VE4NSA
>>> When AO40 was in trouble, did Stacey Mils W4SM control station
>>> wasting his time with his daily reports on AMSAT-BB ?
>>> 73" de
>>> i8CVS Domenico
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>>> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: Status VO-52
>>> As much as I appreciate the concerns, I rather have the team working
>>> on getting the satellite up and running again.
>>> I don't need weekly updates! When they have something important to say
>>> they will. It's that simple. Don't waste their time.
>>> Stefan, VE4NSA
>>> On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 5:56 PM, i8cvs <domenico.i8cvs at tin.it> wrote:
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>>>> From: "PE0SAT" <pe0sat at vgnet.nl>
>>>> To: "Nitin Muttin" <vu3tyg at yahoo.co.in>
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>>>> Sent: Monday, March 05, 2012 7:45 AM
>>>> Subject: [amsat-bb] Status VO-52
>>>>> Hi Nithin,
>>>>> Is there a way that you, ISRO or Amsat India can keep us (Ham Radio
>>>>> community) informed about the status of VO-52.
>>>>> The silence around VO-52 gives me a bad feeling.
>>>>> Maybe it is possible to gives us an update lets say every week?
>>>>> More frequent is also welcome ;-)
>>>>> 73 Jan PE0SAT
>>>> Hi Jan, PE0SAT
>>>> I agree with you because I am interested to know if the Indian
>>>> transponder has been switched or not with the Dutch transponder
>>>> and what the result was.
>>>> The silence around VO-52 make me concerned because after
>>>> AO-51 died probably VO-52 in my opinion has been used to
>>>> much in FM all over the world determining a deterioration
>>>> of the batteries.
>>>> We need VO-52 because OSCAR-7 is strongly FMing and the
>>>> rest of satellites except FO-29 are in very bad conditions.
>>>> I would like to receive an official report about the VO-52
>>>> situation from ISRO through AMSAT-India very often,
>>>> I agree with you every week or less.
>>>> I remember that when AO40 was in truble we got a dayly
>>>> report on AMSAT-BB every day from Stacey Mills,W4SM
>>>> because he was the main command station of the bird and
>>>> this make a great difference.
>>>> I can't understand why the command station for VO-52
>>>> must be ISRO using not amateur frequencies enstead of
>>>> AMSAT India using the amateur bands.
>>>> Best 73" de
>>>> i8CVS Domenico
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