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> Hi Nithin,
> Is there a way that you, ISRO or Amsat India can keep us (Ham Radio
> community) informed about the status of VO-52.
> The silence around VO-52 gives me a bad feeling.
> Maybe it is possible to gives us an update lets say every week?
> More frequent is also welcome ;-)
> 73 Jan PE0SAT
Hi Jan, PE0SAT

I agree with you because I am interested to know if the Indian 
transponder has been switched or not with the Dutch transponder
and what the result was.

The silence around VO-52 make me concerned because after
AO-51 died probably VO-52 in my opinion has been used to
much in FM all over the world determining a deterioration
of the batteries.

We need VO-52 because OSCAR-7 is strongly FMing and the
rest of satellites except FO-29 are in very bad conditions.

I would like to receive an official report about the VO-52
situation  from ISRO through AMSAT-India very often,
I agree with you every week or less. 

I remember that when AO40 was in truble we got a dayly
report on AMSAT-BB every day from Stacey Mills,W4SM
because he was the main command station of the bird and
this make a great difference.

I can't understand why the command station for VO-52 
must be ISRO using not amateur frequencies enstead of
AMSAT India using the amateur bands.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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