[amsat-bb] G5500 az rotor repair

Ken Swaggart k.swaggart at charter.net
Sun Mar 4 08:52:57 PST 2012

After a 3 month wait I finally received the replacement for a damaged gear 
in my G5500 azimuth rotor. Replaced the damaged gear, and the gear assembly 
smoothly turns both directions. However, when using the motor the rotor 
rotates to left at normal speed but right at about half speed. It also 
occasionally momentarily stalls when turning right.

If the motor is damaged wouldn't it affect both directions?  There is a 
slight aroma of a electrical wiring left over from the failure three months 
ago.  Suspect I need a motor replacement, but would like to confirm this 
with the group.  Seems strange only one direction would be affected since 
I'd think the same windings are used in both directions.  A few years ago 
when the motor failed it didn't move in any direction.

Incidentally, the gear that failed was the plastic gear that the motor 
drives (Yaesu part number PE-8601-010-A). The coax caught on a exposed bolt.

Ken, W7KKE

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