[amsat-bb] attn: any KH6 station!

K4FEG K4FEG at k4feg.com
Thu Mar 1 15:11:36 PST 2012

Any one in Hawaii wanna try Mode B at about 0110UTC on AO7?

we have a footprint into EM55 from the Hawaiian Islands for 
approximately 10 minutes.

If anyone is willing to "try" or "listen" to see if they can hear 
something, please send me a private email and we will set up a schedule 
and frequency to give it a try.

I keep hearing that there are folks on the linear birds in Hawaii but I 
can never get anyone to try when we have a "footprint" into the central US.

If anyone over there wants to try, send me an email and I'll send you my 
telephone # and we can try and make a schedule!

Thanks & help get a "ham" get his 50th state for Satellite WAS!

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