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Nitin Muttin vu3tyg at yahoo.co.in
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Hi Domenico,
VO-52 health is monitored on a daily basis by ISRO, the telemetry and all telecommand  is on non amateur radio frequencies and hence is managed by ISRO.
Nitin [VU3TYG]
Secretary, AMSAT INDIA

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Hi Nitin, VU3TYG

I can't understand if AMSAT-India or ISRO is able and equipped and
entitled to command VO-52

Since both transponders ,the AMSAT-India and Duch transponders on
board of VO-52 have not channel telemetry it is impossible to know
the battery conditions because the beacons of AMSAT-India transponder
is only a steady carrier and the Duch transponder I remember has been
used for only few days at the beginning and the beacon was transmitting
only the same voice message from William Leijenaar PE1RAH.

Now who take care to monitor the battery and transponder conditions
of VO-52 without to have a channel telemetry ?

Who is entitled and able to send a command to VO-52 and switch
from the AMSAT transponder to the Dutch transponder ? AMSAT-India
or ISRO ?

Have AMSAT-India or ISRO already tried to switch from the AMSAT
transponder to the Duch transponder ?

Have AMSAT-India a VO-52 command station or not ?

Please let us know.


73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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We are aware of the current situation. Myself and Mani, VU2WMY tried
listening to the beacon and work thru the satellite during the 04:05 UTC
pass over India ( 6 degree elevation) on Feb 29th but nothing was heard. I
will post further updates when I hear from ISRO on the current status and
next steps.

Please submit your reports at www.oscar.dcarr.org or drop me a email.

Nitin [VU3TYG]
Secretary, AMSAT INDIA

Hi John, K8YSE

Transponder and Beacon of VO-52 where also not
heard over Europe at 17:55 UTC orbit Nr 36876
28 Feb 2012

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> VO-52 was not heard over the US at 1330z, 28Feb2012.
> Reports on oscar.dcarr.org at 1100z also say that it
> was not heard over Europe.
> Please listen for VO-52 and submit reports to
> the oscar.dcarr.org website.
> 73,
> John K8YSE
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