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Hi Kevin...look out for the Icom "twins", the IC-271a/471a. I used such a set up for years. Probably not much more that a couple of hundred bucks apiece. They or a similar variant can be had for really quite reasonable, via hamfest, ebay etc. Not computer useable, you have to use that "big" knob. My first antennas were home brewed quagis with a real cheapie rotor with the antennas tilted up about 20 degrees. there 
there's always a way! 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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I have been following most of the recent post's on Sat usage and I gather the main topic was the lack of use on the linear bird's. I think working the FM sat's (or lack of) are always fun and always have been. I am dying to work AO-7 for sure and VO-52, FO-29 but gave up trying to do so without the right equipment. I tried several times with an FT-857 and presets, heard people many time's but could not keep up with tuning and punching button's. Frustration overcame my desire to even try, knowing mostly that without the proper rig's I was just not going to fulfill my aching for these wondrous long passes with more than just a grid exchange. 

Which brings me to the point: Lack of money, you can get on the FM bird's with an Arrow and a Hand Held, I get a minute or so on my mobile! So what is the cheapest "proper" entry on the linear birds? Full duplex I found very nice on the FM sat's though I do not always have that luxury. An 857 run's what 8-900 buck's and I do not think even two of those would be very good? 

Let's change the topic a bit and ask the elmer's how to help us younger and or newer guy's get on the Linear Satellite's instead of reminiscing what once was or the lack of use of these great bird's that still live!!! 


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