[amsat-bb] BB Postings

Tue Aug 28 13:00:50 PDT 2012

90 % of the people posting here I have NEVER heard on ANY satellite, I 
have contacted several about schedules and all I get is that the antenna 
system is down, or their dog ate their microphone cable or they don't 
have an angle on the satellite, but they sure got time to make postings 
on the BB, the linear birds are alive and well, the FM birds are crowded 
and I have never heard a Cube Sat.

With no HEO satellites I work all 50 States in 8 months on the birds 
that are flying, I have worked 660 grid squares and have almost 600 
confirmed in 12 months and 3 weeks.

Fix your antennas, repair your mikes and cut your trees and get on the 

UT1FG works half duplex on the linear birds as a maritime mobile and 
does a fantastic job, on his last voyage on the open ocean I personally 
worked him in 170 NEW grid squares, There is plenty of activity. Pick a 
bird, Pick a mode, Pick a satellite or pick you nose, but at least pick 
up a microphone and get on the satellites they are still up there!

AO27 is flying!!! BYE!

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