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Matty Cunningham manxmat at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 05:02:16 PDT 2012

Hi Tom,

Simon Brown's (creator of Ham Radio Deluxe) excellent SDR console should work for you:-


I have used this with TX/RX capabilities with a home built HF SDR receiver and an Icom 746, (eg SDR console 'mutes' when the external radio is set to TX) - you can also track the frequency of the external radio and change SDR rx freq by using the VFO dial on the radio, or from using the SDR console (clicking with mouse / using scroll wheel etc).

The FunCube dongle works very well with the SDR console, it also has built in satellite support, so you can store downlink frequencies for each satellite, and it will also control rotators and calculate doppler shift (does a clever thing with the doppler shift by moving the AF from the IQ stream, rather than changing the LO on the dongle (each time the LO changes there is a gap before it locks again).

You would have to build some sort of sequencer for taking the FCD out of the loop when going into TX, but these are widely available.

I have a Kenwood TS-2000 that I use to play with the birds, I haven't yet tried this in conjuction with the SDR console, I imagine it would would (in satellite mode) so you can have U/V or V/U capabilities - this is something I should have a play with in the near future.

Best regards



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> The FUNcube and SDR-Radio work great together. Transmit control for
> satellite use in SDR-Radio is very limited (non-existent from what I
> have been able to find).
> I would like the FUNcube / SDR-Radio combination to act like a simple
> receiver under cat control from SatPC32 or similar program.  I would
> like to talk with anyone who has actual experience with this.
> tnx & 73 W9KE
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