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I have used a very similar setup in the past with a Sandpiper dual band yagi (3 elements on 2m, 5 on 70cms) so the Elk, or Arrow antenna should work just as well.

I had mine set at a fixed elevation of around 30 degrees, this was great for ISS, and AO-51 when she was active, good luck on the birds.

73 de Matty

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This may have been discussed before forgive me if it has I am new at this.

I was wondering if an Elk or Arrow antenna mounted on a mast at an angle
with a TV rotor would work as a base antenna for Satellite work. Has anyone
done this and any tips on how you have been successful. If this does not
work what would be the best antenna other than beams for under $200.00 to do
Thanks for your information.

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