[amsat-bb] AO7-a

Mon Aug 13 07:08:37 PDT 2012

Just a note:
AO7-a over the USA this morning had a very nice signal, there was no one 
but myself on the pass I was on, but the downlink was strong with minor 
QSB, I tested with variable power levels and as expected high power 
levels would bring on some distortion on CW signals and minor "FM'ing" 
on SSB signals.

Running minimal power levels seemed to produce clear downlinks on both 
SSB and CW. I am not sure how the "bird" would react with multiple 
stations on simultaneously but it was quite clear with just myself on 
the satellite this morning.

I think we just need to be gentle with the "Grand Lady of satellites" 
she seems to working, for now!

I wish I had an answer for what is ailing the bird, but I don't. These 
are just my observations of the satellite!

73 All!
Frank; K4FEG

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