[amsat-bb] Re: GN36/GN26 operation

Mark Saurman vo1one at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 15:20:03 PDT 2012

Hi again,

Thanks everyone for the QSOs while I was on the GN26/GN36 border and on the
GN26/GN27 border.  Hope I was able to give a few of you some new ones.
Sorry for the short advance notice.  Our trip back to NL is primarily to
visit friends and family and the XYL is standing in a wedding so radio is
not at the forefront.  When she decided she was going out with her female
friends to see Magic Mike I decided to take that opportunity to head to
some rarer grids hihihi!  I will probably have opportunity to get out again
but it'll be with short notice again.  The GN36/26 border is about an hour
and a half to two hour drive from here but I can get to GN36 in just under
an hour.  Since it seems like most have been asking for GN36 that's
probably where I'll head.  Of course if anyone wants a contact from GN37
that can be easily provided, just let me know.  We'll be leaving here on
the 17th.  Also, we're going to Saint-Pierre next Monday, August 13th.
Operations will be from GN16, unlike many DXpeditions who go to the very
ham friendly Hotel Miquelon up in GN17 so maybe some of you need that.

For QSLing, please QSL direct to N8TLV.  I do not currently have LotW but
getting my ID mailed out to the ARRL from here before I leave is on my
to-do list.  I have the software installed already so I will have LotW,
just be patient and I'll have your QSOs loaded in.

Hope that answers everyone's questions!


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