[amsat-bb] Semi Newbie

Kevin Muenzler kevin at eaglecreekobservatory.org
Mon Aug 6 08:30:00 PDT 2012


Many (maybe not that many) years ago I became interested in LEO sats, it was
about the time of AO40.  I didn't have much VHF and no UHF equipment since I
was mostly an HF guy.  I purchased an FT-290 from a friend and a small
(150w) amp and stared working RS-12/13 and RS-15 in Mode A.  It was fast
paced and almost like a contest on every pass.  Well, as we know these guys
are long gone so we are "left" with mostly FM and UHF/VHF splits.  I found
an FT-790 on line and purchased it rather than buying an entire new
HF/VHF/UHF rig.  I couldn't justify that since I had just picked up an

I guess my question is, other than antennas, what do I need to work most of
the LEO sats these days?  I can work AO-7 occasionally but it seems a bit
frail and I rarely hear anyone on it anyway.  If I use more than a few watts
it FMs severely.  I guess that's because it's running completely on solar

I'd love any input.

Thanks and 73/s

Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE
Eagle Creek Observatory
I'm not weird, I'm Limited Edition.

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