[amsat-bb] Re: Antenna Polarization Technical Question

andrew abken kn6za at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 4 13:45:18 PDT 2012


   I don't think any one who designs a system "wants" this to occur, but as a function of overall system cost it is one of the unavoidable realities.

   Its actually a great compromise, because with only a 3db loss you can use a linear rec. antenna with no polarity switching, and avoid the large fading that would occur if the satellite was transmitting linear.

  Now if you have the money to build a satellite that can point itself at the receiving station at all times ie: geo synchronous:)$$$$ then that would be the cats meow;)


> Not sure why anyone would want to maintain the orientation of the
> satellite in such a way that would cause the direction of circular
> polarization to change during the path. Perhaps people selling antenna
> circularity switches would like it but other than that I do not
> understand why it would be done. I am most likely missing something
> important.


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