[amsat-bb] Re: Optimum HT for FM satellite use?

Andy MacAllister w5acm at swbell.net
Sat Jan 31 17:52:17 PST 2009


It is tragic that there are no new full-duplex HTs out there.

I have been using an Alinco DJ-580T for my portable satellite ops. It is a 
very good full-duplex HT, but seems to be a little less sensitive on 70cm 
than the ICOM W32A. Allen N5AFV has made over 10,000 satellite contacts with 
the W32A and the AL-800 long whip antenna. I recently purchased another very 
nice DJ-580T on eBay and have modified some of my battery packs for LiPo 
cells. I did some repair work on a DJ-582T a few months ago, and find that 
to be another good full-duplex antique for satellite work. The 11.1V, 1600 
mAh LiPo pack that I recently put together is very light. See p. 11 of the 
January/February 2007 AMSAT Journal for info on hamsat fun while cruising. 
My first portable satellite ops with the DJ-580T were via OSCAR-21 in 1992.

Listen for W5ACM/MM between February 8 and February 14 via AO-51. I hope to 
put some new grids on the air while we are out on the water between 
Galveston, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Roi Tan. I will have both DJ-580Ts, a 
number of LiPo battery packs, etc. along for the ride.

I never got comfortable with my Kenwood TH-D7 via satellite, but it is a 
rather amazing HT for all kinds of things. If I wasn't so familiar with the 
simple controls on the DJ-580T, I would be using the TH-D7.

73 de Andy W5ACM

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> Gordon,
> I had the fortune to own a Kenwood TH7-D for awhile and would have
> kept it if the original owner had not twisted my arm into selling it
> back to him (It was for a charitable cause that he was donating the
> radio).  It was full cross-band duplex with built in TNC and APRS.
> Although not an HT, the FT-817 is pretty portable with its carry
> strap and works well for working Leos sats.  The FT-817 is not
> duplex, however, so I would say it is better suited to someone with
> some experience working satellites.  Being able to hear your own
> signal with a cross-band duplex radio helps ensure that you are
> operating properly.
> And, beginners should remember the first rule in good satellite
> operation:  "Be able to hear the downlink well, before transmitting!"
> A lot of beginners key up their transmitter and cause interference
> while they still figuring out how to receive well.
> PS: My favorite satellite radio remains my FT-847 (in the
> shack)...now ten years old!
> 73, Ed - KL7UW
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>>Subject: [amsat-bb] Optimum HT for FM satellite use?
>> > I'm getting started in satellite work and interested in purchasing a
>> > suitable HT for portable satellite use using an Arrow antenna. 
>> > Wondering
>> > what is considered to be an optimum HT especially considering ease of
>> > managing the Doppler shift during a pass.  I understand that the HT 
>> > must
>> > be
>> > full duplex capable and thus rules out some models.
>> >
>> > Thanks, Gordon, NW7D
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