[amsat-bb] Re: SATPC32 KEPS

Tue Jan 27 06:38:26 PST 2009


Yep, those are really, really old.  In addition, you are missing the
tle-new.txt file which has the newest launches.  That should be one of the
options in the update window from the Celestrak server, or you can add it in
manually as discussed earlier.  Even if you had current versions of the ones
you do have, you would not have the latest launches.  

Look at the bottom of the Satellite window.  It will give you the path and
date of the files the program is using.  Click on the various data files,
and look what the date is.  If your update is working, they should be
current dates.  If they are, then you were looking in the wrong directory,
and you can go ahead and delete them.  Note that there are more than one
Kepler directories created by the program, and different versions put them
in different places.  Only one is the "active" Kep directory.

It the ones show in the Satellite window are the old files, then there is a
problem with your update.  When you do that, it should give a message
confirming successful update.  If not, it will time out with an error

Let us know what you find.


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