[amsat-bb] New Operator Questions

William Liporace - WC2L wc2l at wc2l.com
Mon Jan 26 17:24:55 PST 2009

Good Evening,

My current station setup is a TS790, Yaesu G5400 with the Sat688 controller.
There is a 440/144 antennas, no preamp yet. I do have a 440 preamp, but I
have not set it up. Currently trying SATPC32, but may try HRD when he
finishes adding the Easycomn1 communications.  I think the setup is working.
I do have a series of questions so that I can make my fist QSO.. 


What are the better satellites to work evenings here in the NE? 

Are some easier to work?


I know there are some issues with the TS790 (so I have been told). Any tips?
Do you shut off the computer control after it comes into view?


Is there a decent Linux program that will control what I have??


Any tips or help would be great!! 


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