[amsat-bb] New Japanese satellites - late nigth fun .

nader omer st2nh at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 16:05:38 PST 2009

Still nothing down from KAGAYAKI nor SOHLA-1!
PRISM have the strongest signal but  I noticed  sligth frequency 
drift during starting of each transmisson.! 
very cold up there for the VFO :-) !!
here the last Beacon TLM I Have got
22:11 - 22:24
prc//www.space.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp ovetherhythm fromcosmos. 
pr0 00024a4a421a4a4 
pr1 000a51db1b60010 
pr2 000000700009000 
pr3 000800000000002 
pr4 003872002f2a0500 
pr5 005b0000868a8bt 
pr6 006b6a6b6a626600 
pr7 0sm7e7e7d7d606000 
pr8 0000090000007070787
pr9 3f3f403f4043f3f0403f403f3f
pra 0004db9f53 
prb 010420000006 
prc --www.space.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp 
prd beautiful.mitsuhitokomatsur
kks-1  is so stable but with fading (here fix vertical polarazation yagi )
the last TLE works very well with HRD... (tnx Mike , DK3WN)
here the last  Beacon TLM.
22:45 - 22:59 UTC
9/01/22 16:07:24
hello this is kks-1
hello this is kks-1 
hello this is kks-1 
hello this is kks-1
hello this is kks-1
374 067 004
So far as Ib OZ1MY mentions

PRISM is OBJECT B (sure)

STARS is OBJECT G (99% sure)

KKS-1 is OBJECT H  (99% sure)
congratulations to all the new Japanese sat groups
I have a lot of fun during last 3 days
local time here is 3 am
Nader , st2nh


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