[amsat-bb] Re: Anyone Feel Like Helping?

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Sun Jan 25 20:14:34 PST 2009

I'd suspect that since he started 'his thread', that he WILL have the
last word. Not that your efforts are without merit, just don't expect
to win (at least not in 'his thread')... No doubt you don't expect him
to behave as rationally and mature as most of the folks on AMSAT-BB.
I rarely engage in the discussions on QRZ and eHam for that simple reason.
Many just like to spout to see their own words in print.

He appears to be holding a minority opinion, as most topics in that
satellite forum are more what might be expected. Hams being helpful to
other hams with questions... That is apparently not enough for some.

I may add a few comments - if the email confirmation from eHam ever
gets here. It won't let me reply until I click a magic link.
   Thanks  /;^)
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