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Mr. Kubiac,

Just before checking email and reading this post from you, I heard myself in CW on AO-7 Mode B for more than 20 minutes - using a station that I'll bet is far less appropriate and effective than the one you have collecting dust. I mention that because AO-7, FO-29 and VO-52 are wonderful satellites with linear transponders that hardly anyone uses. And for the past several months, amateurs around the world have been able to make unique and - I believe, at least - historic contacts on AO-16 using a V-FM/U-SSB configuration. That Grand Old Girl has about reached her final LOS for at least several years, which is sad.

My point simply is to suggest to you that, as I write this, there as many satellites in orbit that appear to be at least close to what you are calling for as there are LEO FM satellites - but only if you include the ISS in the latter. Without the ISS repeater, the linear satellites outnumber the currently active LEO FM satellites.

I am a member of AMSAT, but also a member of ARRL. Following your logic, I should drop my ARRL membership because the league supports a lot of activities and modes that I have no interest in. And with all due respect, sir - it's not that you cannot use the "stinking" satellites that are in orbit. You choose not to. 

I don't see how that choice - or the choice to NOT support the only organization that can, feasibly, get a satellite that doesn't stink into orbit for amateur use - helps the cause. Maybe you can help me understand.

73 to all,

Tim - N3TL
Athens, Ga. - EM84ha

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> I hesitate to toss my two cents in as I am not a member of AMSAT and have 
> not been one for a long time as AMSAT apparently has moved in directions my 
> interests do not lie. I still read the bb messages and I still want to get 
> back on the sats, but 15 second more or less contacts do no interest me 
> regardless of what the mode is. I have no interest in chasing sates to 
> listen to their telemetry - My feeling is that if I can not use the stinking 
> thing, then I am not going to support it. 
> So until there are some SSB high level sats going up or there is something 
> beyond the "lets talk about it" stage my efforts and my wallet won't support 
> AMSAT or anyone else. Yeah I know I am by using the BB and yes that makes me 
> a moocher, but on the other hand maybe someone will read it and take a hint 
> and once more I will have something usefull to me and my efforts and bucks 
> will once more flow outward instead of just dusting my old Sat equipment 
> which I should have sold long ago, but kept believing that one day AMSAT 
> would have a high level Sat again that actually worked when it went up 
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