[amsat-bb] Re: Here we go again Was message board post

Jack K. kd1pe.1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 15:24:09 PST 2009

 I hesitate to toss my two cents in as I am not a member of AMSAT and have 
not been one for a long time as AMSAT apparently has moved in directions my 
interests do not lie. I still read the bb messages and I still want to get 
back on the sats, but 15 second more or less contacts do no interest me 
regardless of what the mode is. I have no interest in chasing sates to 
listen to their telemetry - My feeling is that if I can not use the stinking 
thing, then I am not going to support it.

So until there are some SSB high level sats going up or there is something 
beyond the "lets talk about it" stage my efforts and my wallet won't support 
AMSAT or anyone else. Yeah I know I am by using the BB and yes that makes me 
a moocher, but on the other hand maybe someone will read it and take a hint 
and once more I will have something usefull to me and my efforts and bucks 
will once more flow outward instead of just dusting my old Sat equipment 
which I should have sold long ago, but kept believing that one day AMSAT 
would have a high level Sat again that actually worked when it went up


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