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Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 25 10:29:38 PST 2009

Over on eHam.net today ...

Ok, so I go check out the Amsat website. Yawn. I look through their  
mission statement and history sections. Yawn.

Seems that they have not updated their website for awhile. I mean,  
they still are talking about their "up and coming" phase 3-D  
satellite! (c.1996) Hmmm, that was what, 13 years ago? And they want  
me to join, and give them *money*? What a joke.

Ok, now that I have picked myself off of the floor from laughing so  
hard, here is the question. Why should I (or anyone else) give these  
clowns money if they cannot even update their web site. Comeon,  
everyone knows that 3-D was a flop, except maybe AMSAT.

The originators of the OSCAR program were cutting edge amateurs that  
were rivaling the commercial telecomunications satellite industry.  
They were trying to place their 5th bird in a geostationary orbit, but  
launch vehicle failure prevented that. Now all that Amsat seems to be  
able to do is (in the words of a certain late USSR dictator,  
paraphrased) is launch grapfruit sized microsats.

So I never like to criticize something without some suggestions for  
improving the situation. Here is my idea... Why not a group of  
American amateur radio people get together that have nothing to do  
with the incompetence of AMSAT, and actually build an OSCAR 5 for geo- 
synch orbit? If it could be done thirty years ago, it can be done now.  
No need to have a "global" effort involving millions of dollars and  
amateurs from thirty countries building a thousand pound bird. Lets do  
this like the original OSCAR folks did, keep it simple(r), and let the  
politicos at AMSAT continue to try to justify their existence while  
some honest to God hams get the bird built and lofted. With today's  
improved solar cells and hardened electronics, if we could get a bird  
in a Clark slot, it would last for quite awhile, and actually provide  
a (non-digital) communication service to the amateur radio community.

Best and 73,


Clint Bradford, K6LCS / KAF3359

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