[amsat-bb] Re: AO-16 and a brief update!

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 05:04:59 PST 2009

Hi Luc!

Indeed, I was one of your contacts on that pass.  I think that is our
first QSO, glad to have it occur on AO-16 :)   Thank you for the

AO-16 receivers remain very sensitive and the DSB downlink is easy to
hear (at 1.8 watts, mind you ;) ).  "We" should really consider using
the FM uplink/SSB downlink on future missions.   It is an effective

In the last week AO-16 has been shutting down even during a single
pass (meaning, the uptime is shorter).  Telemetry shows the internal
temperatures are now around 15-16 deg C, so it continues to cool down.
 Along with the cooler temps come more frequent restarts of the bird.
 This is expected.

I continue to command it ON when I can, which is usually in the
afternoon passes over the east coast of the US.  I can't make every
pass, but I catch the ones I can...


Mark N8MH
AO-16 Command Station


Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-16
From: Luc Leblanc <lucleblanc6 at xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 17:52:44 -0500
Priority: normal



I was testing for an issue with my VHF sat beam after a complete overhaul of
all the hardware above the azimuth rotor and i plug a dual
band magnet mount antenna on a metal file cabinet in my basement and just when
AO-16 was near TCA i was able to make 2 QSO with a Q5 uplink
signal. I was running about 50W.

He's probably the most sensitive on the actual fleet.

The pipe bending twist is still running great.

I think N8MH was one of the 2 QSO?

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE

Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]

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